December 8, 2009

Seven more reviews

The reviews of Carola's new album "Christmas in Bethlehem" keep coming. Check out excerpts from the most recently published below:
"The album's mood is surprisingly toned down and tasteful. The arrangements make the album sound big, without becoming too much, the production is sober, with few bombastic moments. Carola sounds laid back and restrained, held back rather than unleashed. (...) Favorite track: 'Silent Night'."
(Rated 3 out of 5)
Mattias Dahlström, Dagens Nyheter (Sweden)

"The Swedish Christian singer Carola has released several Christmas albums in Swedish, but now she attempts to make one in English. With guests. One of which is no less than Mr. Potts from Britain ... Gospel, jazz, and radiopop. Carola can certainly sing, and at times there's no doubt that her vocals are directly linked to her heart!"
(Rated 2 out of 6)
Thomas Søie Hansen, Berlingske Tidende (Denmark)

"You can say many things about Carola, but she is not playing it safe. Her music tends to be kitsch and bombastic, but the album still feels very modern. (...) Carola's power ballads are mixed with gospel music, ethno, hymns and rap."
(Rated 4 out of 5)
Lollo Asplund, Corren (Sweden)

"The album is quiet and respectful to the material performed. At times, the tempo is raised, like for example in 'Go, Tell It On The Mountin' and 'The Little drummerboy' which is a duet with Blues. Other guest artists include Paul Potts in 'O Holy Night', Linda Lampenius and Julian Erlandsson (with a beautiful child's voice) in 'Heaven Turned Out To Be a Child', and Gladys del Pilar in 'Poor Little Jesus'."
(Rated 3 out of 5)
Greger Jinnemo, Hallands Nyheter (Sweden)

"Carola has made yet another Christmas album, 'Christmas in Bethlehem', characterized by the intensity we associate with her. She should be commended for her bold mix of genres and guest artists: among others, Paul Potts, Linda Lampenius and (!) hip hop artist Blues."
(Rated 3 out of 5)
Björn G Stenberg, Uppsala Nya Tidning (Sweden)

"Carola has mentioned that she wants to release her English Christmas album internationally. But what she's made is a cold, emotionless album, originating more from market strategic ideas rather than Bethlehem."
(Rated 2 out of 5)
Erik Süss, Arbetarbladet (Sweden)

"That Carola would record a duet with Turbonegro's singer Hank von Helvete is an earth shattering step away from her usually safe career choices. (...) Their version of 'Silent Night' is vibrating, pitch perfect gem of a song that quickly has become one of the few Christmas songs I can listen to more than once."
(Rated 2 out of 5)
Jonathan Strandlund, Nya Wermlands-Tidningen (Sweden)
(Translation by Carola International)

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