October 31, 2009

DI Weekend available online

The interview with Carola in Swedish financial newspaper Dagens Industi's Weekend magazine is now available online.

October 30, 2009

Update: Skavlan in November

Carola will be a guest on the Swedish-Norwegian talk show "Skavlan" on Friday, November 13. The show is recorded they day before, but according to SVT's website, all tickets for the season are already sold out.
Schedule in Sweden: Schedule in Norway:
13.11, SVT1, 9.00 pm 13.11, NRK1, 9.25 pm
14.11, SVT1, 3.00 am 15.11, NRK2, 7.25 pm
15.11, SVT1, 11.50 am 20.11, NRK1, 12.30 am
17.11, SVT24, 9.00 pm
19.11, SVT24, 6.15 pm
19.11, SVT1, 12.00 am

Thanks to Peter Karlsson for the information!

October 29, 2009

Exclusive : Extra concert in Oslo

An extra concert has been added to the "Nya Jul i Betlehem - Carola med vänner" tour. On December 13, Carola will perform two concerts at Folketeatret in Oslo, at 4 pm and at 8 pm. It has previously been announced that Paul Potts will be a guest at the 8 pm concert. No word yet if he will attend both concerts. Tickets are released tomorrow, October 30 at 10 am.

A few more changes: The concert in Helskini, Finland on December 6 starts at 7 pm. The concert in Stavanger, Norway on December 11 starts at 6 pm and tickets are now on sale.

21.11 Konserthuset, Malmö, SWE 8pm (Tickets)
29.11 De Geer Hallen, Norrköping, SWE 8pm (
2.12 Alandica, Mariehamn, ÅLAND 8pm (
4.12 Lappfjärds Kyrka, Kristinestad, FIN 8pm (
5.12 Runebergssalen, Jakobstad, FIN 8pm (Tickets TBA)
6.12 Kulturhuset, Helsinki, FIN 7pm (
9.12 Lofothallen, Leknes, NOR 8pm (
11.12 IMI Forum, Stavanger, NOR 6pm (Tickets)
13.12 Folketeateret, Oslo, NOR 4pm & 8pm (
16.12 Sjøborg Kulturhus, Ulsteinvik, NOR 6pm & 9pm (
17.12 Sjøborg Kulturhus, Ulsteinvik, NOR 6pm & 9pm (
19.12 Konserthuset, Jönköping, SWE 8pm (
21.12 Cirkus, Stockholm, SWE 8pm (

Link: Buy tickets for the extra concert in Oslo

Big story in DI Weekend

Swedish financial newspaper Dagens Industi (DI) runs a big cover story on Carola in their weekend magazine this week. They followed Carola for a few days, and most new information that came out today about Carola's plans for the future, comes from this article. The cover reads "How Carola will create new success".

Sadly, the story is not yet available online. But keep checking back, we will let you know if the story becomes available.

Carola to Denmark

Carola will perform at "DR's Juleshow" (the Danish TV's Christmas concert) at Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre on November 27 & 28. Her performance is a part of a star-studded event that will later be shown on Danish TV DR1 around Christmas.

The performers include: Michael Bolton, Melody Gardot, Jamie Cullum, Aqua, Malena Ernman, Katherine Jenkins, Outlandish etc.

Updates on upcoming projects

Carola has shed some light over some of her upcoming projects that I previously reported on. Here is the latest on...
  • The pop album: Carola's new label X5 Music Group has a four year plan to make her an international artist. One step is a pop album in English intended for the international market. The album is in pre-production and some of the songs are written by Carola herself. Carola hopes that the Eurovision Song Contest fans will be a way into the European market.
  • The book: Carola has signed a book contract with Albert Bonniers Förlag, Sweden's largest book publishing company. Her book is not listed as a Spring 2010 release.
  • The make up line: Remember the perfume that was cancelled a few years ago? Now Carola wants to release a series of beauty products.
  • The website: I reported yesterday that Carola's official website will get a major re-design November 11. More information: X5 Music Group will extensively use the internet to market Carola to the world. The new website will include movie clips, and a section where Carola can comment on crazy tabloid stories about her. Fans will also be able to download her music, even unreleased material. The plan is that Carola herself will be very active on the site. Let's hope that's true!
Carola also says she would like to make a movie, perhaps a musical or a romantic action movie...

News about the duet

Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby without make up. Photo from NRK.

Just as Carola International reported a few days ago, Carola has recorded a duet with the Norwegian singer Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby from Turbonegro for the upcoming Christmas album.

Now the news broke in Norway. This is what the singer, also known as Hank von Helvete (Hank von Hell) says to VG:
"Carola asked me if I wanted to record a Christmas song with her, and I accepted. It fit me perfectly, and I think the result is an incredibly moving and beautiful song. I am glad I was allowed to perform it my way. Carola is an amazingly charismatic and talented artist, so now I am just happy to share the song with the audience."

Upcoming TV appearances

Carola will perform at the annual charity event "Faddergalan" on TV4 on November 30 at 8.00 pm. The goal of the show is to have people sign up as sponsors to children in developing countries. Carola has performed during the event a number of times. For example she sang "Go Tell it On the Mountain" in 2005 (watch video) and "Jag ger allt" in 2006 (watch video).

Carola will also be a guest on the Swedish/Norwegian talk show "Skavlan" in November. Check back for air time...

October 28, 2009

Exclusive : New official website

November 11 will be a great day for Carola fans. Not only is the new album "Christmas in Bethlehem" released in Sweden, but the official website Carola.com will have a long overdue re-design and include interesting features, such as video "documentaries" on the making of the new album.

Sounds great!

Exclusive : "Find My Way to Bethlehem" as single?

"Find My Way to Bethlehem" is a brand new song on the upcoming album "Christmas in Bethlehem" that will be released in two weeks. I have some information that this song will be the leading single of the album. I don't know in what form it will be released: as a physical single in stores, as a digital release on iTunes and similar online stores, or as a promo single to radio stations. I am trying to find out more right now...

Update: I have received confirmation that there will be a promo single for radio stations with the following songs:

1. Find My Way to Bethlehem
2. O Holy Night (with Paul Potts)
3. Silent Night (with Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby)

No single planned for commercial release...

October 26, 2009

Exclusive : The track list

Carola International proudly presents the track list and the featured artists of the new album "Christmas in Bethlehem":
(English version of "Himlen i min famn")
(feat Aygun Beyler & Mahsa Vahdat)
(feat Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby from Turbonegro)
(feat Gladys del Pilar from Afrodite)
(feat Paul Potts)
(feat Blues)
(feat Linda Lampenius & Julian Erlandsson)
(English version of "I denna natt blir världen ny")
Previously, it was said the album would include 18 tracks, something that doesn't seem to be correct. Among the titles we want to point out two translated versions of the singles off of the Swedish "Jul i Betlehem" albums; "Heaven in My Arms" ("Himlen i min famn") and "This Very Night the World Will Change" ("I denna natt blir världen ny"). The duet partners include Paul Potts, Gladys del Pilar and Blues (who reprises the rap portion on "The Little Drummer Boy".

But perhaps the biggest surprise is the duet with Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby who is mostly known as Hank von Helvete (Hank von Hell), the singer of Norwegian band Turbonegro (watch video). Right now, he is playing the lead role of "Jesus Christ Superstar" in Oslo. The combination of their voices can be very interesting!

Any thoughts?

October 23, 2009

Exclusive : The album cover

So this is the cover for the upcoming album "Christmas in Bethlehem". What do you think?

October 22, 2009

Updated album info

It has been decided what label will distribute the physical album "Christmas in Bethlehem". Carola's current record label X5 Music Group only works with the digital distribution, and her previous label Universal Sweden will handle the physical distribution (at least in Sweden and Norway). We also have a release date for Norway, the album will be available there on November 16. You can already pre-order the album if you want, see links below.

All info:
  • Album title: "Christmas in Bethlehem"

  • Release Sweden: November 11 2009

  • Updated: Release Norway: November 16 2009

  • X5 Music Group will release the album digitally all over the world through iTunes, Amazon, Real Networks, CDON, Sony Ericson, and Nokia.

  • Updated: Universal Sweden will release the physical album in Sweden and Norway. The album is planned to be released in a number of European countries.

  • The album is produced by Norwegian Erik Hillestad, that produced "Blott en dag" (1998), "Jul i Betlehem" (1999), "Sov på min arm - Sånger för stora och små" (2001), and "I denna natt blir världen ny - Jul i Betlehem II" (2007).

  • The album includes 18 songs: eight brand new songs, and ten new versions of songs from the previous "Jul i Betlehem" albums.

  • Carola recorded two duet with Paul Potts for the album: "Oh Holy Night" and "Come All Ye Faithful". Which one (or perhaps both) will be on the album has not been announced.
Link: Pre-order the album from Ginza (Sweden)

Carola on the new album

In a new press release about the upcoming album and tour, Carola writes the following about the album "Christmas in Bethlehem":

"Over the years I have become more comfortable in the Bethlehem Christmas' mood, and on the new album I use more of my personal musical expression - ranging from folk songs to soul, gospel, African rhythms and pop."

The album will be released on November 11.

Tour info : the musicians

The start of the Christmas tour "Nya Jul i Betlehem - Carola med vänner" is only a month away. Today, Carola International can reveal the musicians that will join Carola on stage:
Pelle Ankarberg, keyboard
Peter Hallström, organ
Peter Damin, drums
Kristofer Krydda Sundström, bass
Clas Olofsson, guitar
Sara Borch, backup vocals
Paul Potts will perform at the concerts in Oslo (December 13) and Stockholm (December 21). More guest artists will most likely be announced.

October 19, 2009

Carola Covers : Juanita du Plessis "'n Ewigheid"

Did you know that South African singer Juanita du Plessis has recorded a cover version of Carola's 2006 ESC song "Invincible". Juanita sings in Afrikaans and her version is titled "'n Ewigheid".

A boy band named Hi-5 was the first South African band to record "'n Ewigheid" a few years ago.

October 14, 2009

Exclusive : Download new photos

Click on the images above to view full sized versions to download. These beautiful photos are taken by Niclas Brunzell for the upcoming Christmas album and tour.

Enjoy! :)

October 13, 2009

Christmas tour poster

I know it's small, but I wanted to show you the new poster for the upcoming Christmas tour "Nya Jul i Betlehem - Carola med vänner". The photo is the same I published a few days ago (see here) with the type treatment as in the old poster that was published in July (see here). As soon as I get a bigger version, I will publish it here.

Do you like the new poster?

"Invincible" on Song of the Decade list

The Eurovision Song Contest website ESC Today has published the results of their poll "Song of the Decade" where they list the most popular song of all songs of the 2000's. Carola's "Invincible" from 2006 ended up at #15 on the poll. Winner is last year's Icelandic entry "Is It True?" with Yohanna. Here is the full results:
1. YOHANNA "Is It True?" (Iceland 2009)
MARIJA SERIFOVIC "Molitva" (Serbia 2007)
URBAN SYMPHONE "Rändajad" (Estonia 2009)
ANI LORAK "Shady Lady" (Ukraine 2008)
MARIA HAUKAS STORENG "Hold On Be Strong" (Norway 2008)
SHIRI MAIMON "Hasheke Scheni'Shar" (Israel 2005)
HELENA PAPARIZOU "My Number One" (Greece 2005)
SERTAB ERENER "Every Way That I Can" (Turkey 2003)
PATRICIA KAAS "Et S'il Fallait Le Faire" (France 2009)
MATA HARI "Lejla" (Bosnia & Herzegovina 2006)
MIHAI TRAISTARUI "Tornerò" (Romania 2006)
VANIA FERNANDES "Senhora Do Mar" (Portugal 2008)
VANILLA NINJA "Cool Vibes" (Switzerland 2005)
NOX "Forogj, Világ!" (Hungary 2005)
CAROLA "Invincible" (Sweden 2006)
ALENKA GOTAR "Cvet z Juga" (Slovenia 2007)
CHIARA "Angel" (Malta 2005)
AYSEL & ARASH "Always" (Azerbaijan 2009)
BRAINSTORM "My star" (Latvia 2000)
KATE RYAN "Je t'Adore" (Belgium 2006)
BETH "Dime" (Spain 2003)
TEXAS LIGHTNING "No No Never" (Germany 2006)
LORDI "Hard Rock Hallelujah" (Finland 2006)
JADE EWEN "It's My Time" (United Kingdom 2009)
Every country could only have one song in the final round of the poll, and "Invinble" was voted the best song from Sweden the last ten years, beating Lena Philipsson's "It Hurts" and Charlotte Perrelli's "Hero".

What do you think of this list?

October 12, 2009

Carola Covers : Rimheden & Lidbo "Främling"

This electro-version of Carola's 1983 breakthrough single "Främling" was released in four versions by Sophie Rimheden and Håkan Lidbo in 2005.

RELATED NEWS! Dutch singer Gerard Joling has recorded a cover version of "Je ogen hebben geen geheimen" (the Dutch version of "Främling") that will be included on his upcoming album. Check back for more information.

Tour : All dates announced

The last concert has been added to the Christmas tour. Carola will perform at IMI Forum in Stavanger in Norway on December 11. This is the finalized tour schedule (if no more concerts are added):


21.11 Konserthuset, Malmö, SWE 8pm (Tickets)

29.11 De Geer Hallen, Norrköping, SWE 8pm (Tickets)

2.12 Alandica, Mariehamn, ALAND 8pm (Tickets)

4.12 Lappfjärds Kyrka, Kristinestad, FIN 8pm (Tickets)

5.12 Runebergssalen, Jakobstad, FIN 8pm (Tickets TBA)

6.12 Kulturhuset, Helsinki, FIN 8pm (Tickets)

9.12 Lofothallen, Leknes, NOR 8pm (Tickets)

11.12 IMI Forum, Stavanger, NOR 8pm (Tickets TBA)

13.12 Folketeateret, Oslo, NOR 8pm (Tickets)

16.12 Sjøborg Kulturhus, Ulsteinvik, NOR 6pm & 9pm (Tickets)

17.12 Sjøborg Kulturhus, Ulsteinvik, NOR 6pm & 9pm (Tickets)

19.12 Konserthuset, Jönköping, SWE 8pm (Tickets)

21.12 Cirkus, Stockholm, SWE 8pm (Tickets)

Check back for more information!

October 9, 2009

Exclusive : Another new Christmas in Bethlehem photo

This is another photo from the shoot for the upcoming album and tour. Excuse the low-quality version, I hope to find a better quality version soon.

October 8, 2009

Paul Potts in Oslo and Stockholm

Paul Potts will join Carola for a couple of concerts on her upcoming Christmas tour "Nya Jul i Betlehem - Carola med vänner". Potts will perform during the Oslo concert on December 13 and Stockholm concert on December 21.

13.12 Folketeateret, Oslo, NOR 8pm (Tickets)

21.12 Cirkus, Stockholm, SWE 8pm (Tickets)

Get your tickets now by clicking the links above!

October 7, 2009

Exclusive : New photo for album and tour

This is a new press photo for the upcoming Christmas album and tour. Carola is looking gorgeous, don't you think?

Updated Christmas tour info

Carola International has received information that there in fact will be two more concerts added in Ulsteinvik in Norway on December 17, bringing the total number of concerts in that city to four. Tickets for December 17 will go on sale on Friday, October 9. Tickets to all other concerts, except Jakobstad are now for sale. The concert on December 11 has still not been revealed...


21.11 Konserthuset, Malmö, SWE 8pm (Tickets)

29.11 De Geer Hallen, Norrköping, SWE 8pm (Tickets)

2.12 Alandica, Mariehamn, ALAND 8pm (Tickets)

4.12 Lappfjärds Kyrka, Kristinestad, FIN 8pm (Tickets)

5.12 Runebergssalen, Jakobstad, FIN 8pm (Tickets TBA)

6.12 Kulturhuset, Helsinki, FIN 8pm (Tickets)

9.12 Lofothallen, Leknes, NOR 8pm (Tickets)

11.12 TBA, TBA, NOR

13.12 Folketeateret, Oslo, NOR 8pm (Tickets)

16.12 Sjøborg Kulturhus, Ulsteinvik, NOR 6pm & 9pm (Tickets)

17.12 Sjøborg Kulturhus, Ulsteinvik, NOR 6pm & 9pm (Tickets)

19.12 Konserthuset, Jönköping, SWE 8pm (Tickets)

21.12 Cirkus, Stockholm, SWE 8pm (Tickets)

Check back for more information!

October 6, 2009

Carola Covers : Marianta Pieridi "DJ"

Did you know that Greek singer Marianta Pieridi recorded a cover version of Carola's "Stanna eller gå" ("Från nu till evighet" 2006)? Marianta's version is titled "DJ" and was released as a single in 2006. Watch the video for the single above.

Link: Watch Carola's version

October 2, 2009

Exclusive : Possibly a THIRD concert in Ulsteinvik

Carola's management is said to be surprised that the 900+ tickets for the two shows in Ulsteinvik, Norway on December 16 were sold out so quickly. Now negotiations are under way for a possible THIRD concert in the city.

Confirmation can come as early as the middle of next week. Please check back for more information!

October 1, 2009

Exclusive : Sold out shows in Ulsteinvik

Today at noon, just a few hours after the tickets became available, all 900+ tickets for the two shows in Ulsteinvik in Norway on December 16 were sold out.

Congratulations to everyone that got their tickets in time!