December 19, 2009

10 Moments of the 00's - just outside the list

Before I announce the no 1 on the list over 10 most memorable moments of the 00's, let me just mention some really cool stuff that happened during the decade that didn't make it on the list:
March 10 2000
Poking fun at her divorce
Carola co-hosts the Swedish Song Contest with nine other celebrity hosts, together they perform a greatly appreciated medley of songs from the contest's history. But what gets most attention of the evening is Carola's T-shirt that is blinking "LEDIG" ("AVAILABLE") shortly after her divorce.
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March 21 2005
Duet with Marit Bergman
Carola performs ABBA's "Waterloo" as a duet with Marit Bergman at the show "Alla tiders Melodifestival" at Cirkus in Stockholm. Marit Bergman is a long time fan of Carola, and there's something spontaneous about their performance that makes you wanna see more of a collaboration between the two. The show is recorded for TV and the duet released on an accompanying album.
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December 26 2005
Singing for the tsunami survivors
Carola performs an emotional "Jag vill alltid älska" at the 1 year ceremony for the victims of the tsunami disaster in Khao Lak in Thailand.
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July 4 2006
Stage dives
While performing "Evighet" on "Allsång på Skansen" Carola stage dives into the audience. Yeah! Rock'n'roll!
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December 2007
Embarrassed by Liza Minnelli
While performing "Silent Night" together in the show "A Classic Christmas Night", Liza Minnelli manages to completely embarrass Carola by being a little too complimentary and up close... It's painfully funny to watch, and the clip was shown on the American super blogger Perez Hilton's website.
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But none of these made the list. Just wait a little longer for the no 1 on the list will be posted!


  1. Greetings from Greece,i think you forgot "I denna natt blir varlden ny"!!

  2. Oh, you think that's worthy?
    Hope you enjoyed this list as much as I...

  3. Of course,i like it so much and now even more as "this very night the world will change".it makes me feel the mood of Bethlehem and is an optimistic song that brings out hope.the whole album was good and the fact that it's the first xmas album after so many years,i think it's worthy..a big thanks for the list!