December 7, 2009

"Hunger" remixes released on iTunes

This is quite surprising! In 1983, FullTime Records released two remixes ("Disco Version" & "Other Version") of Carola's single "Hunger" in Italy. Since then, this maxi-single has been a rarity that hardcore fans have been trying to get a hold of through auction sites like Ebay and the Swedish site Tradera.

But now, Antibe Music has made this maxi-single available on iTunes throughout Europe and USA. Go to the iTunes store, search for 'Carola' and you will find this rarity finally available for you to own!

Fun fact The Disco Version opens with Carola saying "Hello, this is Carola! Right now you listen to my latest single, called 'Hunger'. God bless you!". Awww, so sweet!


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