April 21, 2009

Do you remember... The Rhapsody in Rock Tour?

In the Summer of 2000, Carola went on tour with Robert Wells' "Rhapsody In Rock". In the show Carola sang an ABBA medley, "Time to Say Goodbye" in a duet with Tito Beltran, and this wonderful rendition of "All By Myself".

This is one of my favorite Carola live moments. Her voice is fantastic! What is your favorite?

April 20, 2009

Update on Twitter

Marie Widlert at Carola Musikproduktion has cleared up the "Twitter Mystery" for us. It is NOT Carola that twitters on the page we previously linked to. :(

Thanks to Peter for helping clearing things up!

April 13, 2009

Carola on Twitter?

Is Carola using Twitter? Or is someone just pretending to be her? I am not sure, but this is the page of the person calling herself CarolaHaggkvist on Twitter. She presents herself as "Human Being. Mother. Artist."

April 10, 2009

Do you remember...Hylands Hörna?

Carola returned to the TV-show "Hylands Hörna" in April 1983 after winning the Swedish Song Contest that year. It was on the same show, and with the same song (Elvis Presley's "If I Can Dream") she performed two years earlier when record label executive Bert Karlsson called the TV-show to sign the then only 14 year old girl.

Do you remember this performance? Any thoughts about it? As always, feel free to comment.

April 8, 2009

Filip & Fredrik still want Carola

As earlier reported, Filip & Fredrik want Carola as a guest on their new talk show "Söndagsparty med Filip och Fredrik", that will be broadcasted live from New York beginning April 19 on Swedish Channel 5. Filip Hammar tells Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet:
"I'm not hiding the fact that we want Carola to come, if we would add anyone to the guest list, it's her".
(Translation by Carola International)
Carola has not yet agreed to be a guest on the show.

Read the article in Aftonbladet

April 2, 2009

TV: "Lotta på Liseberg"

According to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, Carola has agreed to perform on "Lotta på Liseberg" on TV4 this summer. The show is similar to "Allsång på Skansen" where Carola has performed several times over the years.

No exact date for when Carola will be a guest on the show has been announced, but "Lotta på Liseberg" debuts on TV4 Monday June 22 at 8.00PM.

Read article in Aftonbladet
Read news about "Lotta på Liseberg" on TV4.se

Carola & Kicken on Hammerfall concert

Rumored couple Carola and Kicken attended a concert with Swedish metal band Hammerfall in Stockholm on Sunday. This is not exactly the kind of music we associate with Carola, but Kicken comments to Swedish newspaper Expressen:

You can learn a lot from how hardrockers put on a show even if you are not that kind of performer yourself. They have tons of energy on stage.
(Translation by Carola International)

This will of course further spread the rumors that Carola and Kicken are dating.

Read article in Expressen