December 17, 2009

10 Moments of the 00's #3

No 3: "Genom allt" could have won (2005)
No 4: Eurovision Song Contest (2006)
No 5: Missing a golden opportunity (2001)
No 6: Throwing a plant at the audience (2005)
No 7: Receiving the Letteris et Artibus medal (2007)
No 8: "Les Misérables" in London's West End (2002)
No 9: "Find My Way To Bethlehem" (2009)
No 10: Johnson & Häggkvist miss the finale (2008)

One of Carola's biggest strengths as a performer is her ability to "explode"—to put everything she's got into one song. She proved it once again when she performed at the Swedish Song Contest in 2005. She wasn't one of the competing artists that year, but in the intermission of the finale in Stockholm, she debuted her new song "Genom allt". And there it was, that magic that Carola sometimes delivers—that "explosion". Many commentators have said that if Carola would have been one of the contestants that year (or any other for that matter) she would have easily won the Swedish Song Contest with "Genom allt", and that's why it deserves to be at no 3 on the list of the 10 most memorable moments of the last decade.

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  1. One of the most powerful songs and performances by Carola.
    We must remember that there was a 3 minutes cover, to be a candidate for Melodifestivalen, but I don't know what happened that year, she finally didn't participate in the Melodi...

  2. I don't think "Genom allt" was ever considered for Melodifestivalen. She was just invited as a guest artist. Maybe you're thinking of "Nar loven faller"? That song was selected to compete in the 2003 Swedish Song Contest, but Carola (who co-wrote the song and sang it on the demo) didn't want to sing it in the competition, and by the rules of the competition, the song was then disqualified...

  3. Ok I had heard something like that when I got the 3min version. Maybe I was wrong or confused because of that detail of "Carola didn't want to sing it in the competition"