April 24, 2010

Stockholm Filmfestival Junior Award

Photo: Dalarnas Tidningar

The Norwegian movie "Yohan—Barnevandrer", in which Carola has a small role, won the award for Best Movie at the Stockholm Filmfestival Junior today.

Carola attended the ceremony with the film's producer Odd Hynekliev to accept the award.

The jury's calls the movie "a grand adventure with loads of humor and great music". Carola sings the movie's theme song.


Promotion for Dalhalla

Photo: Anna Klintasp / Dalarnas Tidningar

Carola has been doing promotion for her two upcoming concerts "Carola sings Elvis & Barbra Streisand" at Dalhalla July 2-3. She has met with TV, radio and newspapers to give interviews.

Besides talking about the concerts, Carola also mentions to Dalarnas Tidningar that she might hold her Carola Camp at Lindvallen this year...

Below you find links to all interviews.

April 10, 2010

Box cover : "Original Album Classics"

On the American Amazon.com site, Carola's new compilation box set "Original Album Classics" has already been released. In Sweden, the box set will be released on June 2. The box includes three albums; "Främling" (1983), "Steg för steg" (1984), and "My Tribute" (1993). Above you can see the box set cover art. according to Ginza.se.

April 8, 2010

Listen to new track

Carola.com has uploaded a stream of the theme song from the Norwegian movie "Yohan—Barnevandrer". The song is titled "Så kall en vind" and is written by Ragnar Bjerkreim (music) and Ingvar Hovland (lyrics). Just click on the link below to listen to the track...

April 6, 2010

Yohan on the Norwegian box office

Since the movie "Yohan—Barnevandrer" opened in Norwegian movie theaters on March 26th, it has been doing very well. Two weeks in a row it has been no. 2 on the Norwegian box office, beaten only by "Dragetreneren" ("How to Train Your Dragon").
March 28
1. Dragetreneren 24.555 (31.820) NEW
2. Yohan - Barnevandrer 18.093 (21.395) NEW
3. Alice in Wonderland 14.266 (187.990)
4. En ganske snill mann 10.025 (36.874)
5. The Bounty Hunter 6333 (6443) NEW
6. Shutter Island 4986 (134.218)
7. Green Zone 3937 (33.197)
8. Skyggen 3867 (3867) NEW
9. Fatter'n 3053 (13.408)
10. Prinsessen og frosken 2875 (127.458)

April 4
1. Dragetreneren 22.509 (88.493)
2. Yohan - Barnevandrer 14.436 (57.453)
3. Alice in Wonderland 11.308 (217.066)
4. En ganske snill mann 7730 (56.733)
5. The Bounty Hunter 5642 (19.732)
6. Shutter Island 4077 (143.944)
7. Skyggen 3944 (12.242)
8. Avatar 3278 (763.324)
9. Green Zone 3215 (40.660)
10. Fatter'n 2666 (19.614)
The movie will be shown on Stockholm Film Festival Junior on April 19-23.