December 11, 2009

10 Moments of the 00's #9

No 9: "Find My Way To Bethlehem" (2009)
No 10: Johnson & Häggkvist miss the finale (2008)

A logical follow-up to yesterday's no 10 spot on the list over the most memorable Carola moments of the decade—when she pulled away from the media spotlight after "One Love" failed to move to the final round of the Swedish Song Contest in 2008—is to focus on what happened next. After nearly twenty months of silence, Carola finally made her "comeback" with a new record label, new website, new attitude towards media (she recently said on a radio interview, that she wants to give interviews only to reporters with whom she feels a mutual respect), and a new Christmas album which in my opinion equals the 1999 album "Jul i Betlehem". To mark her return, Carola was a guest on the Swedish/Norwegian talkshow "Skavlan" and sang one of the new songs from the album: "Find My Way To Bethlehem", a song she co-wrote with the album's producer, Erik Hillestad. And what a song it is! And how she sings it! All vocal problems that began in 2006 are nowhere to be heard. This is truly promising for the future, and that's why this song, and this performance is my no 9 on the list over most memorable Carola moments of the 00's

Tomorrow it's time for no 8 on the list.

Agree or disagree? Don't worry, on December 20 it's your time to vote for what you think is the no 1 moment of the 00's. Until then, feel free to leave your comments here.

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