December 14, 2009

10 Moments of the 00's #6

No 6: Throwing a plant at the audience (2005)
No 7: Receiving the Letteris et Artibus medal (2007)
No 8: "Les Misérables" in London's West End (2002)
No 9: "Find My Way To Bethlehem" (2009)
No 10: Johnson & Häggkvist miss the finale (2008)

Ever since 1983, Carola has had this unique ability to make every little thing that happens around her headline material for all Swedish tabloid newspapers. Has any other Swedish artist created as many headlines? I don't think so... I felt I couldn't really ignore the flower-throwing incident that happened while Carola performed "Genom allt" on the TV show "Allsång på Skansen" in the summer of 2005. When Carola ran out on stage to perform her song, she grabbed one of the plants on the stage and threw it out into the audience. Not a very big deal you might say, but this incident created headlines for days after it happened. The girl who got the flowers in her lap was interviewed (!) by one newspaper, and another ran a story following Carola when visiting the girl at her home to apologize to her (!). At the annual Swedish Gay Gala Awards the following year, this incident received the I-Can't-Believe-My-Eyes-Award... The fact that a silly little thing like this can create headlines for days, just prove that Carola is a superstar in Sweden, and that's why it qualifies to be no 6 on my list over the most memorable moments of the decade.

Tomorrow I'll publish the no 5 moment of the 00's.

Agree or disagree? Don't worry, on December 20 it's your time to vote for what you think is the no 1 moment of the 00's. Until then, feel free to leave your comments here.


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