December 19, 2009

The no 1 moment of the 00's

No 1: The return to Melodifestivalen (2006)
No 2: The 20th anniversary shows (2003)
No 3: "Genom allt" could have won (2005)
No 4: Eurovision Song Contest (2006)
No 5: Missing a golden opportunity (2001)
No 6: Throwing a plant at the audience (2005)
No 7: Receiving the Letteris et Artibus medal (2007)
No 8: "Les Misérables" in London's West End (2002)
No 9: "Find My Way To Bethlehem" (2009)
No 10: Johnson & Häggkvist miss the finale (2008)

When Carola returned to the Swedish Song Contest in 2006, she had an amazing track record to defend:
1983: No 1 "Främling"
1990: No 2 "Mitt i ett äventyr"
1991: No 1 "Fångad av en stormvind"
When she stepped onto the stage in Scandinavium Arena in Gothenburg on March 11 2006, as the last of the 32 competing songs (Sweden have four semi-finals) the expectations were enormous and people who were in the arena say the audience were feverish to see Carola's return to the competition. She easily won the semi-final with a combined number of votes (two sets of voting) of 290,000. Nobody else was even close, not in her semi-final, or any of the others. First runner up was Andreas Johnson with 120,000 votes in the first semi-final.

In the days leading up to the finale one betting firm stopped all bets on Carola to minimize their losses. One can easily say she was the clear favorite to win the finale, but after the jury groups had given their scores, Carola was behind Andreas Johnson on the scoreboard. When the tele votes were announced though, Carola could relax—she had won the Swedish Song Contest for a third time; once in the 80's, once in the 90's and now once in the 00's.

This is, according to my humble opinion the peak of the 00's for Carola, perhaps even of her career. So far.

If you agree, or if you don't—remember to come back TOMORROW to cast your vote on your favorite Carola moment of the 00's. The winning moment will be announced on New Year's Eve. Until then, feel free to leave your comments here.

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