January 28, 2010

2009 Best Selling Albums Chart

Carola's latest album "Christmas in Bethlehem" is listed as one of the most sold albums of 2009. Every year Grammotex publishes a list over the best selling albums of the year. This year, Carola is no 36 on the list.
2001 Sov på min arm #21 / My Show #62
2003 Guld platina och passion #2 / Jul i Betlehem #95 /
2004 Guld platina och passion #21 / Jul i Betlehem #35 / Credo #62
2005 Störst av allt #32
2006 Från nu till evighet #34
2007 I denna natt blir världen ny #6
2009 Christmas in Bethlehem #36
It would be interesting if X5 Music Group will publish sales figures from Sweden and worldwide, both physical album sales and downloads...

January 26, 2010

Poster for "Carola & en flygel"

This is the poster for Carola's mini-tour in the north of Sweden in February: "Carola & en flygel".
13.2 Hotell Lappland, Lycksele
20.2 Hotell Södra Berget, Sundsvall
27.2 Hotell Lappland, Lycksele
According to Carola.com, the concert will include as varied material as "Evighet" and "Blott en dag".

January 25, 2010

Coming releases

There are some Carola related releases coming up, some scheduled, some still not officially announced. Besides the charity single and the movie theme song that will probably be released as digital singles, these releases are happening soon:
ABSOLUTE SCHLAGER (Release date: February 3)
This 3xCD compilations includes Carola's three biggest hits from the Swedish Song Contest: "Främling" (1983), "Fångad av en stormvind" (1991), and "Evighet" (2006).

ORIGINAL ALBUM CLASSICS (Release date: March 24)
In December 2008, Sony BMG released "Carola Original Album Classics" that included five CD's: “Steg för steg“ (1984), “På egna ben“ (1984), “Much More“ (1990), “Personligt“ (1994), and “The Sound of Music“ (1995). In March the label releases another compilation with the same name, but only including three CD's. Which albums will be included has not yet been announced.

Carola's old label Rival has plans to release a live CD+DVD recorded during her gospel concert at Cirkus in Stockholm in 1994. The show has previously been aired on Swedish TV4, but this release would be a real treat for her fans. Let's hope this will released sooner rather than later.

January 23, 2010

Charity single by Natasha Bedingfield

X5 Music Group will release a new single with Carola to benefit the organization Hoppets Stjärna's work in Haiti. Carola has been involved in Haiti for a long time and is now planning to organize a charity concert at the Filadelfia Church in Stockholm on February 25. Other people that are scheduled to take part in the concert include Kristin Kaspersen, Charlotte Perrelli and LaGaylia Frazier.

Could it have been this charity song Carola recorded in the studio in Stockholm last week? I was under the impression it was the theme song for the movie "Yohan—Barnevandreren". The song is written by Carola's friend, the British popstar Natasha Bedingfield (with hits like "Unwritten" and "Pocketful of Sunshine").

More info to follow...

Link: Read article in Aftonbladet

January 22, 2010

Concerts in USA 2010

According to Carola's A&R Anders Johansson in an interview in Swedish newspaper Expressen, Carola is planning to perform a number of concerts in USA.

Towards the end of 2010 she will give concerts in the U.S. We are taking it slow, we don't wanna push her down the throats of the Americans.
According to the same article, Carola had planned to work on her self-biographical book during January, but the filming in California made her change her plans.

(Translation by Carola International)

Link: Read article in Expressen

January 21, 2010

Teaser trailer and website

Watch the teaser trailer for the Norwegian movie "Yohan—Barnevandreren" in which Carola plays a small part. Also visit the movie's official website for news, information and photos.

Link: The movie's official website

Carola filming in California

Photo: Carola.com

Carola is in San Pedro, California to film her scenes for the upcoming Norwegian movie "Yohan—Barnevandreren". Carola will play herself, singing the movie's theme song in an 80's setting. The singer/actor Kris Kristofferson is playing the grown up version of the main character (read more here) and plays harmonica on the song Carola is singing. Carola recorded the song in a studio in Sweden last week and it will probably be released before the movie opens in theaters on March 26.

Filming continues today.

Link: Read article in Aftonbladet

January 20, 2010


Carola is in Los Angeles to film the opening sequence of the Norwegian movie "Yohan—Barnevandreren" where she plays a singer and sings the movie's theme song. The film is in its final production stages according to International Movie Data Base.
Some facts about the film:

Title: Yohan—Barnevandreren
Director: Grete Salomonsen
Writer: Grete Salomonsen
Procution company: Penelope Films

Plot summary: With his family struggling to survive in late 1890s Norway and his father leaving on a ship for America to earn much needed money, 10-year-old Yohan devises some plans of his own to help his family. However, his jealous older brother has other ideas, and, unbeknown to their parents, he signs a contract with an agent for Yohan to become a farm laborer. Now consigned to being a child wanderer, Yohan is sent off to work on a faraway farm providing cheap labor. Yohan embarks on a long, rugged journey filled with danger, loneliness and feelings of abandonment. Along the way, he meets up with two other child wanderers, 8 year-old Anna and her younger brother. Together with other child wanderers and led by the menacing boy Aslak, the group makes its way on foot through the countryside with Yohan finally arriving at the farm where he is told to work. He becomes a shepherd boy, protecting the farmer's livestock from wolves and grizzly bears. His boss, Nome, is a harsh disciplinarian and a tough man to please. Following his heart and with good intentions, Yohan makes decisions that are misunderstood by local adults and are sabotaged by other envious children. Unjustly accused, he is punished and beaten by Nome. Events only get worse, with wild animals attacking Nome's herd on Yohan's watch and Yohan's discovery that his friend Anna and her brother have been beaten at a neighboring farm. Using his resourcefulness and ingenuity, a battered Yohan sets out to help his friend Anna and her brother escape from the farm owners.

The movie opens on March 26 2010.

Link: Read article in Expressen
Link: Read article in Dagen
Link: Read article in Dagbladet
Link: Read article in NRK

January 4, 2010

Swedish Album Chart (w 53)

"Christmas in Bethlehem" drops three spots to no 16 on its seventh week on the Swedish album chart.
Week 47: No 8
Week 48: No 7
Week 49: No 4
Week 50: No 9
Week 51: No 16
Week 52: No 13
Week 53: No 16
Link: Sverige Topplistan's website