June 20, 2010

Video : Carola leaving the wedding party


  1. Hello,

    There´s no video of her perfomance after the grooms dance?

    Can you please say what she says in this video? Thanks.

    Ana from Portugal

  2. Thanks for no answer... :(

  3. Hey, please be a little patient! I'm doing my best to bring you the latest Carola news everyday! If you don't get an answer to your question within 13 hours cannot be the end of the world, can it? :)

    She told the journalists she sang the 1986 BeeGees-produced hit "The Runaway" which Prince Daniel had requested. He shouted "woohoo" when the song started. She also said this will be a memory for life and something to tell her grandchildren.

    Thanks for reading my blog!

    / Carola International

  4. You´re wright. It was unfair. I´m sorry. I tought you was not going to answer like the people on facebook. Sorry, really.

    Do you know if she sung other songs?

    In a portuguese magazine, there are a lot of photos of the wedding and the valsa, and says that Roxette e Carola perform, but no photo of Carola of course, because very few people knows her here in Portugal.

    Maybe swedish magazines bring a photo of her performing.

    Thanks for all your work. Sorry again.


  5. She has not been completely forward coming about what songs she sang. It has been reported that she performed "Det ar bara vi", "Evighet" and "The Runaway" (confirmed), and some media mentions "Fangad av en stormvind" (from ESC 1991), but that has not been confirmed.

    No photos or videos so far...

    / Carola International