June 10, 2010

Video: Carola advertising her concert

Carola singing a "Mitt i ett äventyr" that will be part of a "schlager-gospel medley" at her free concert in Kungsträdgården tomorrow night at 10.00 pm. Don't miss it!


  1. where can we watch the consert ? :)

  2. Hilarious!
    Do you know if she will release Det är bara vi in English as well as the Swedish version??

  3. Natalie: I think the only way to see the Carola live tonight is to attend the concert in Kungstradgarden in Stockholm. And hope that people upload videos to YouTube.

    Anonymous: "Det ar bara vi" originally had English lyircs, Carola and a couple of other people translated it to Swedish for the wedding. I think it depends on her next album; will it be in Swedish or English? We don't know yet...