June 10, 2010

Two new wedding albums

Two new wedding-themed albums have been released in Sweden (in time for the upcoming Royal wedding on June 19) including songs by Carola. The 3xCD "Absolute Bröllop" includes Carola's "När löven faller" and the album "I nöd och lust" includes "Håll mitt hjärta", "Den första gång jag såg dig", and Tomas Andersson Wij's version of her 2006 Swedish Song Contest winner "Evighet".

Both albums are doing well on the Swedish chart for compilation albums, which also includes two other 3xCD compilations with Carola's songs; "Absolute Schlager" (including "Främling", "Fångad av en stormvind", and "Evighet") and "Hits for Kids—Greatest Hits" (including "Evighet").
No 9 Absolute Bröllop
No 11 Hits for Kids—Greatest Hits
No 18 I nöd och lust
No 19 Absolute Schlager
Link: Buy "Absolute Bröllop"
Link: Buy "I nöd och lust"
Link: Buy "Absolute Schlager"
Link: Buy "Hits for Kids—Greatest Hits"

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