June 18, 2010

Exclusive : Future plans

Carola International can today reveal many interesting facts about Carola's future plans, that include a new album, a possible DVD release and an English version of "Det är bara vi".
  • Swedish producers Jones La Carre and Michael Zitron who produced "Woman in Love" have worked on more songs with Carola for an upcoming album. Zitron has previously worked with Pauline, Sophia Somajo, E.M.D. and Danny.

  • "Woman in Love" will be released on an album with Elvis and Barbra Streisand material. Work has just begun and the album won't be released until later this year.

  • As previously reported, the "Carola sings Elvis & Barbra Streisand" concert in Dalhalla will be recorded for TV. It's still not clear what channel will air the concert, but...

  • There is a (possible) DVD release of the concert in the works. It seems like an album / TV-show / DVD release similar to the 20th anniversary show might happen! Good news for fans!

  • There are plans to release the wedding song "Det är bara vi" in English. When is not clear.
Just like all future plans—there might be changes or delays to any or all of them...
Remember where you read it first! ;)


  1. Carola sings well, but the production is horribly cheap. Like Ace Of Base 1997. I wanted something a bit more real, not to mention more modern from her. This is just tacky.