November 29, 2009

Tour reviews : Norrköping

Updated: Tonight (Sunday November 29), Carola performed her Christmas Concert "Nya Jul i Betlehem - Carola med vänner" in Norrköping. Her guest for the evening was Daniel Mitsogiannis (also the choreographer for the tour) who competed in the Swedish Song Contest in 2008 with "Pame" (see video), and the rapper Blues.

Malin Dyrager from Norrköpings Tidningar gives the concert 4 stars (out of 5) and Mikael Mjörnberg from Folkbladet gives 3 (out of 5). Here are excerpt from their reviews:
"Most everyone has some kind of faith, and this time of year brings it out in many. Many tears were shed among the audience and the concert became intensely emotional when when Carola sang own song 'Allt kommer bli bra mamma'. A beautiful voice and a warmth that is hard to define was spread in the concert hall."
Malin Dyrager, Norrköpings Tidningar

"The most brilliantly shining song of the evening is 'Go Tell It On The Mountain' with its groovy gospel feeling backed by a choir under the direction of Lisa Tilling, which is suddenly standing up on one of the balconies. Earlier we also got to see Daniel Mitsogiannis on stage in a lively number. When Carola gives her voice some chance to shine, the concert is really great. But I would have needed more up-tempo gospels and less tedious preaching from Craola to be able to sing her praises."
Mikael Mjörnberg, Folkbladet
(Translation by Carola International)

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