November 13, 2009

The first two reviews

Both Piteåtidningen and Helsingborgs Dagblad give "Christmas in Bethlehem" 3 stars (of five). Below you can read translated excerpts from the reviews.
"The album consists of five newly recorded songs and English versions of ten favorites from the two preceding albums. Needless to say the whole production is high quality, from the beautiful photos in the booklet, to musical arrangements and vocals. The music ranges from hymns, gospel, pop and folk music. In the duet with Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby (from Turbonegro) the difference between their voices is a bit too much, even if that feels better and more exciting than the slick, classical version of 'O Holy Night' with Paul Potts."
Mari Gustafsson, Piteåtidningen

"Carola is just so much more skillful than her competitors to get the most and the best out of traditional, religious Christmas songs. She has proved that with her two previous 'Jul i Betlehem' album from where ten songs have been chosen and translated into English. 'Christmas in Bethlehem' also contains five new songs, among them 'Find My Way to Bethlehem' that Carola has co-written"
Magnus Ransheim, Helsingborgs Dagblad
(Translations by Carola International)


  1. A review from Expressen, written by Anders Dahlbom, not linked that I know of (translated by me):
    2 wasps (of five).
    "If you five years ago had said that the best track of a new Carola album would be a duet with Hank van Helvete from Turbonegro, obviously you'd been a laughingstock. But oh yes. When Carola celebrates Christmas in English, the odd couple performs an airy "Silent Night" who catches just the right feeling of twinklin' eyes of children and joviality. Otherwise, it's a bit dubious regarding the Christmas feeling here. The Norwegian musical production is mostly as over-elaborated as the pictures of Carola in the album booklet. It's the great voice we're after, not new age synthesizers and fake gospel."