November 18, 2009

Norwegian reviews

"Christmas in Bethlehem" was released in Norway on Monday, and so far two newspapers have published their reviews of the album. Bergensavisen gives the album 4 stars and Dagbladet 3 stars (out of 6). Below you can read translated excerpts from the reviews.
"Carola has already made two of my favorite Christmas albums. When she now releases an English version, it is mostly for the international market. Her beautiful 'Himlen i min famn' is not as intimate in its English translation 'Heaven In My Arms'. The choices for duet partners on the album are strange."
Ann Kristin Ødegård, Bergensavisen

"Carola's roots in gospel music, combined with intensely emotional vocals and an ambitious, Middle-Eastern flavored crossover production, keeps the typical Christmas clichés far away. In some songs, the lack of Christmas atmosphere becomes obvious, 'Find My Way To Bethlehem' has only the message of the Holiday in its lyrics. Musically it is a powerhouse blues/gospel/adult pop without any Holiday references."
Sven Ove Bakke, Dagbladet
(Translations by Carola International)

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