November 11, 2009

Exclusive : "Heaven Turned Out to be a Child" - lyrics

This will be last lyric from the new album "Christmas in Bethlehem" that I publish since the album is released today, and you all can hear the songs now... "Heaven Turned Out to be a Child" is a duet with a young boy named Julian Erlandsson.

Who believe the tales we heard?
Such a strange and mighty story
from an ancient sender
So illogical and wild
Still we value this old word
That when heaven full of glory
came to show its splendor
It turned out to be a child

Shepherds, cattle, a stable poor
What a frame for kings, what a scenery
Far from all wealth on an earthy floor
This is how God tells us His love is free

Then into my life He came
He was born in my heart's chamber
Rose from my horizon
like a sun so strong and mild
When He called me by my name
I awoke from my sweet slumber
And He became my wise man
I received Him like a child

Life's so sinful and thoughts unclear
What a place for someone so true divine
Far from all power, from force and fear
This is how God tells me His love is mine

Heaven came so strong and mild
It turned out to be a child
"Heaven Turned Out to be a Child" is a new song written by Carola (music) and Erik Hillestad. (lyrics).

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