November 25, 2009

iTunes European Christmas album charts (Nov 25)

The industry website Musikindustrin have taken notice that Carola's "Christmas in Bethlehem" is doing exceptionally well on the American sales chart (as reported earlier), and in a statement X5 Music Group mentions that the album also has been doing well on the iTunes Christmas album chart in Scandinavia, Holland, Italy and Spain. After doing some research I can reveal that the album is doing well in more countries still—Belgium, Luxembourg, and Greece. See today's positions on the Christmas album chart from all countries below:
Finland: No 1
Sweden: No 2
Norway: No 2
Belgium: No 11
Luxembourg: No 11
Denmark: No 16
Greece: No 17
Holland: No 29
Italy: No 55
Switzerland: No 157
In many countries, the individual songs are also selling well—Sweden has ten songs on the chart, Norway and Finland have nine, Denmark, Belgium and Luxembourg have six, and Spain has five. Carola comments the success of the album like this
"It's enormously inspiring to see such positive results and success on the web so quickly. I'm thrilled and thankful that my international audience finally can get hold of my music in English. It's very inspiring!"
(Translation by Carola International)

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