November 21, 2009

Reviews of the "Nya jul i Betlehem" tour

Photo: Tomas Leprince / Expressen

Updated: Read four reviews of the "Nya jul i Betlehem—Carola med vänner" tour that started in Malmö on Saturday night. Click the links at the bottom to read the reviews in their entirety or read the translated excerpt below.
"With the risk of sounding as your nagging math professorin primary schools—sometimes I wish Carola would sing more gospel. Why is the cover version of 'Go, Tell It On The Mountain', one of the few exceptions? It's then she sings gospel that her voice and the music have the same burning intensity. The American South's soul, blues and gospel should be the basis of her concert. Then her Christmas in Bethlehem tour would become something bigger and more profound."
Markus Larsson, Aftonbladet

"Carola's brings back Christmas to its roots. It lacks elves and trees, and instead show us shepherds from the West Bank and Palestinian olive trees on the large video screen. Her Christmas is serious and sacred. (...) And my God how she sings."
Anders Nunstedt, Expressen

"Among the songs she sings during the concert, Carola has written quite a few. For example the beautiful 'Heaven In My Arms' and this year's Christmas hit 'Find My Way To Bethlehem'. You have to admit that when Carola is good, she is exceptional, even as a song writer. It would be interesting to hear more of her own music. Isn't it time for the next chapter for Carola? Perhaps a tour in a few years with only her own original material?"
Yvonne Erlandsson, Skånska Dagbladet

"From Bethlehem to Vegas and on to Gingerbread Land—when Carola invites us to her Christmas party, she covers the entire map. No place is unknown to us when the show is over, neither the Church of the Nativity nor the place for her mother's funeral where she invites us for her intimate soul-pop-ballad 'Allt kommer bli bra, mamma'. Maybe a bit cheesy, but that's part of the season. Carola is giving us unlimited access to her person. When other artists go through the Christmas' standards, let the bells jingle and think that makes it Christmas, Carola takes this seriously, and it's always personal. Hymns? Gospel? Readings from the Bible? Talks about the Virgin Birth and the Holy Spirit? Most sing this repertoire only at Christmas, but for Carola this is a part of her life."
Håkan Engström, Sydsvenskan
(Translation by Carola International)

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