September 19, 2009

A translated letter from Carola

Fans have asked me to translate Carola's letters (published on the official website) to English, so they can read them even if they do not know any Swedish. Here is the latest letter, published on September 8—Carola's birthday and the day she recorded duets with Paul Potts. Enjoy!

This is no ordinary day for me - today is my Birthday! Approaching another birthday—when I have many things I need to get done and time is rushing by—it makes me wonder what I did last year. Did I manage it the right way and what could I have done better? What do I wish for myself? All those things go through my head.

But this morning I woke up filled with great expectation to meet a great singer in the studio. It will be a birthday combined with work, expectations, and I have to keep my cell phone on all day. Later tonight, there will be a celebration with a small gathering of people.

This morning I sent a special thought to one of my biggest fans that always surprised me and carefully organized things around my birthday. He collected greetings and gifts from friends he found as he travelled wherever I went over the years. For many years he traveled halfway around the world not to miss any exciting concert! Mikael Fridell would always sit at the first row. He knew everything! I’m grateful I had the opportunity to visit Mikael at the hospital before he due to illness, sadly passed away last week. Many of us miss him. He left a great void. The time I was with Micke at the hospital before he fell asleep meant a lot to me. I heard he had played my songs until the very end. Thank you, Micke for all the happy moments we shared in music! That also gives us strength for tomorrow.

I am so grateful for all the support I received over the years. After my morning prayer, when I read from Acts 6 and 7, I wrote a new song called "More Than a Love Song"... It really got me going and I felt inspired. Fun! As I was preparing for the day ahead, my lovely "neighbor" Ann and her son Simon made a surprise visit, singing "Happy Birthday " and bringing breakfast and candles. That was really nice.

I am on my way to Grand Hotel to meet one of the world's most successful recording artists of last year. Someone with a great story and that seems like really warm person, a natural talent that brought joy to many people.

I thank God for this day, for life and that He leads us if we come to Him in humility and gratitude.

I have to run now, I have received tons of text messages, and I need to recharge all my cell phones! Until we meet again, Hugs!

Link: Read the letter in Swedish