September 8, 2009

Carola records duet today

In her new letter to her fans on her website, Carola reveals that she is recording a duet with "one of last year's most successful recording artist". This could be an indication that the upcoming album in fact is the English version of "Jul i Betlehem" since Carola often said that album should include duets with international artists.

This is what Carola wrote about the artist:
I am on my way to Grand Hotel to meet one of last year's most successful recording artist, a real sunshine story and a very warm person. A natural talent with a heart and ability to bring joy to many people.
Hmm... Who do you think that could be? Any suggestions?

Link: Read Carola's letter


  1. Interesting! But I don't have a clue who could be that.

  2. I think I know who it is... Will update blog now!