September 2, 2009

Carola signs with X5 Music Group

Yesterday, September 1, Carola announced that she signed with X5 Music Group. This is the statement from the company's website:
X5 is very happy to announce the signing of Swedish singer Carola Häggkvist. X5 and Carola are planning a number of projects, some of them will be known later this fall, and are looking forward on working together closely for a longer period. ”-This cooperation feels incredibly exiting and the timing is perfect in my career as an artist”, Carola says.
Let's hope this will take Carola's career in an interesting direction.

What do you think?


  1. "X5 Music specialized in digital download narket"

    Is that mean that there won't be physical release of new album?

  2. Not clear yet I suppose...
    I'm looking forward to the announcements they promised coming soon!