September 6, 2009

Photo shoot for the new Christmas album

Photo: Mikael Sundberg / Östgötatidningen

On Friday, Carola was doing a photo shoot outside St Birgitta's Monestery Museum in Vadstena. Judging from what she was wearing, she was shooting the album cover for an upcoming Christmas album-the fifth of her career: "Julefrid" 1983, "CarolaJul" 1991, "Jul i Betlehem" 1999, and "Jul i Betlehem II - I denna natt blir världen ny" 2007.

Carola has for many years talked about a Christmas album in English, we wrote about it in May (read here), and when Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet wrote about Carola signing with X5 Music Group the other day, they mentioned an upcoming Christmas album.

Link: Read Aftonbladet's article

So, is this good news? Are you looking forward to another Christmas album, or would you rather seen another album release from Carola?

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