September 9, 2009

Christmas album and duet confirmed

Photo: X5 Music Group

Just as we reported over the last week, Carola's next project will be a Christmas album (the 5th of her career), and yesterday she was in the studio with British singer Paul Potts. Here is some more information:

  • The album is titled "Christmas in Bethlehem" and will be a third, English installment of the "Jul i Betlehem" series.

  • The album will be released November 11 2009.

  • Updated: X5 Music Group will release the album digitally all over the world through iTunes, Amazon, Real Networks, CDON, Sony Ericson, and Nokia.

  • Updated: A partner will release the physical album in a number of European countries.

  • The album is produced by Norwegian Erik Hillestad, that produced "Blott en dag" (1998), "Jul i Betlehem" (1999), "Sov på min arm - Sånger för stora och små" (2001), and "I denna natt blir världen ny - Jul i Betlehem II" (2007).

  • The album includes 18 songs: eight brand new songs, and ten new versions of songs from the previous "Jul i Betlehem" albums.

  • "Oh Holy Night" is the song Carola recorded with Paul Potts, but some media reports that there will be two duets withs Potts on the album, the second being "Come All Ye Faithful".

Photo: Sven Lindwall / Expressen

What else can we assume? Well, the album will probably include one or a few more duets. Am I the only one thinking Alexander Rybak is involved in this project? Carola has earlier mentioned Cliff Richard as a candidate for a duet on the international version of her Christmas album... Maybe even Dima Bilan?

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