July 2, 2010

Swedish singles chart—w 26

Carola's "Det är bara vi" climbs three spot on this week's Swedish singles chart, from no 38 to no 35. This is based solely on download sales since the single has not been released in stores.
W 24 DET ÄR BARA VI No. 20
W 25 DET ÄR BARA VI No. 38
W 26 DET ÄR BARA VI No. 35
I wish they would continue to promote this song, since I believe it would have chances to do even better...


  1. I think the reason Carola isn't doing promo of the song is because it was really dedicated to the royal couple and they want to keep that as private as possible. Hopefully she'll make an English version for one her upcoming albums.

  2. Hmm, not so sure if that's true. If the single was "private" why did she perform it on TV twice and on various concerts? And why was it released as a digital single? I think it suffered from her focus on the Elvis/Barbra concerts where it doesn't fit in...

    The song WILL be released in English in the future according to Carola's team.

    / Carola International