July 5, 2010

Reviews for "Carola sings Elvis & Barbra Streisand"

Photo: © 2010 Peter Karlsson

Carola has received great reviews for her concert "Carola sings Elvis & Barbra Streisand" at Dalhalla on Saturday July 3.
"The opening of the second act is the most beautiful in the history of the arena. Singing Streisand's soft soul song 'Somewhere', wearing an apricot colored dress, Carola is slowly approaching the stage, standing in a boat (...) For a few seconds, 3,000 people hold their breath."
Joacim Persson, Aftonbladet (4 stars out of 5)

"The concert is in fact not so much a comeback as a revenge of sorts. The restitution she spoke of in an interview last year, but also a tribute to her parents that passed away some years ago. Carola is performing with more charisma than she has shown us in a long time and tells us personal anecdotes like when her mother got herself a spectacular perm alá Streisand."
Johanna Paulsson, Dagens Nyheter

"Carola has one of the most blessed voices in the business. Her versions of Elvis' classics maintain their classic qualities, but it's when she's singing Barbra Streisands more demanding material that her voice reaches its full potential."
Anders Lagerquist, Dalarnas Tidningar

"Carola doesn't hold back, and there is no mistaking that she loves what she's doing. Dalhalla got to have a queen for a few hours."
Neri Berg, Dala-Demokraten
(Translations by Carola International)

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