July 14, 2010

Free concert in Hamar, Norway

Photo: Trond Svendsen / Hamar Arbeiderblad

Carola enjoyed the small town of Hamar in Norway so much when she performed her concert there on Sunday, that she decided to stay and give a free concert on the city square today Wednesday July 14. During her concert on Sunday, she said that this was the beginning of a time when she wants to perform more for Christian audiences and not solely on the pop stage.


  1. With the exception of 2006 and 2003, I believe she actually has performed mostly in christian contexts the last decennium - Christmas concerts, gospel concerts, christian conferences, church services... So the "not solely on pop stage" is a bit of a whimsical expression unless the pop stage is basically to become the exception.

  2. I too wonder about this statement! If she takes ANOTHER step away from the pop stage, we non-Christian fans won't see too much of her in the future. I believe MANY of her fans really miss Pop-Carola! :(

    / Carola International