November 9, 2010

Carola in duet with Sissel

Don't miss Carola in the popular talk show "Skavlan" on Friday. This is what the show's website says about Carola's participation:
"Two of Scandinavia's biggest stars, Carola Häggkvist and Sissel Kyrkjebö, sing together in a duet for the first time ever."

Sissel is an internationally recongized singer. She and Carola have often been compared to each other; both are major stars in their home countries, both were very young when they began their careers, both have played Maria von Trapp in the musical "Sound of Music", etc.

Why they are singing a duet is a mystery at the moment. Possibly they recorded a duet for Sissels upcoming album? We'll find out on Friday...

The show airs in both Sweden and Norway (see schedule below).

SVT1, Friday Nov 12, 9.00 pm
SVT24, Saturday Nov 13, 9.30 pm
SVT1, Sunday Nov 14, 8.00 am
SVT1, Wednesday Nov 17, 1.05 pm

NRK1, Friday Nov 12, 9.25 pm
NRK2, Sunday Nov 14, 6.35 pm
NRK1, Monday Nov 15, 10.55 am
NRK1, Wednesday Nov 17, 12.25 am

Link: Sissel's official website

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