February 19, 2010

Interview about "Carola & en flygel"

On Saturday, Carola performs the second concert on the mini-tour "Carola & en flygel". The local newspaper Dagbladet has interviewed Carola about the concerts.
To make the concerts more personal and exclusive, Carola has packed a suitcase full of personal items that she associates with the songs on her playlist.
- It's memories, private things that I show and talk about. It could be an album cover, a letter or clothes that are associated with a song. So the suitcase is quite full! On the flight up to the first concert in Lycksele, the crew asked me if I was moving, Carola says with a laugh.
(Translation by Carola International)


  1. I hope that the jazz influence will still be present even though it will Pelle A that plays the piano in Sundsvall. Looking forward to hear "Suspicious Minds"!

  2. All the covers were awesome! "Evergreen", "Walkin' in Memphis", "Somewhere", "I dreamed a dream"... even Björn Skifs' "Krama dig".