February 18, 2010

The biggest hits of Melodifestivalen in the 00's

Surprisingly enough, Carola's "Evighet" (2006) did not qualify to STIM's (Swedish Composers International Music Agency) list over the 20 songs from the Swedish Song Contest in the 00's that played most on radio. Perhaps less surprisingly, Johnson & Häggkvist's "One Love" (2008) did not make the list either.

Other songs from 2006, that DID make the list include Andreas Johnson's "Sing For Me" (no 4), Linda Bengtzing's "Jag ljuger så bra" (no 6) and Patrik Isaksson's "Faller du så faller jag" (no 12).

Here's the complete list:
1. Sonja Aldén "För att du finns" 2007
2. Jill Johnson "Crazy in Love" 2003
3. Sarah Dawn Finer "I Remember Love" 2007
4. Andreas Johnson "Sing For Me" 2006
5. Lena Philipsson "Det gör ont" 2004
6. Linda Bengtzing "Jag ljuger så bra" 2006
7. Sanna Nielsen "Empty Room" 2008
8. Shirley Clamp "Min kärlek" 2004
9. Sarah Dawn Finer "Moving On" 2009
10. Afrodite "Never Let it Go" 2002
11. Måns Zelmerlöw "Cara Mia" 2007
12. Patrik Isaksson "Faller du så faller jag" 2006
13. Nanne Grönvall "Håll om mig" 2005
14. Andreas Johnson "A Little Bit of Love" 2007
15. The Ark "The Worrying Kind" 2007
16. Magnus Carlsson "Live Forever" 2007
17. Marie Lindberg "Trying to Recall" 2007
18. Shirley Clamp "Att älska dig" 2005
19. Mendez "Adrenaline" 2002
20. Alcazar "Alcastar" 2005
BUT, and this is interesting, STIM announces that if Carola's 2003 song "När löven faller" wouldn't have been disqualified from the Swedish Song Contest, it would have been no 10 on the chart!

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