October 29, 2009

Updates on upcoming projects

Carola has shed some light over some of her upcoming projects that I previously reported on. Here is the latest on...
  • The pop album: Carola's new label X5 Music Group has a four year plan to make her an international artist. One step is a pop album in English intended for the international market. The album is in pre-production and some of the songs are written by Carola herself. Carola hopes that the Eurovision Song Contest fans will be a way into the European market.
  • The book: Carola has signed a book contract with Albert Bonniers Förlag, Sweden's largest book publishing company. Her book is not listed as a Spring 2010 release.
  • The make up line: Remember the perfume that was cancelled a few years ago? Now Carola wants to release a series of beauty products.
  • The website: I reported yesterday that Carola's official website will get a major re-design November 11. More information: X5 Music Group will extensively use the internet to market Carola to the world. The new website will include movie clips, and a section where Carola can comment on crazy tabloid stories about her. Fans will also be able to download her music, even unreleased material. The plan is that Carola herself will be very active on the site. Let's hope that's true!
Carola also says she would like to make a movie, perhaps a musical or a romantic action movie...

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