October 22, 2009

Updated album info

It has been decided what label will distribute the physical album "Christmas in Bethlehem". Carola's current record label X5 Music Group only works with the digital distribution, and her previous label Universal Sweden will handle the physical distribution (at least in Sweden and Norway). We also have a release date for Norway, the album will be available there on November 16. You can already pre-order the album if you want, see links below.

All info:
  • Album title: "Christmas in Bethlehem"

  • Release Sweden: November 11 2009

  • Updated: Release Norway: November 16 2009

  • X5 Music Group will release the album digitally all over the world through iTunes, Amazon, Real Networks, CDON, Sony Ericson, and Nokia.

  • Updated: Universal Sweden will release the physical album in Sweden and Norway. The album is planned to be released in a number of European countries.

  • The album is produced by Norwegian Erik Hillestad, that produced "Blott en dag" (1998), "Jul i Betlehem" (1999), "Sov på min arm - Sånger för stora och små" (2001), and "I denna natt blir världen ny - Jul i Betlehem II" (2007).

  • The album includes 18 songs: eight brand new songs, and ten new versions of songs from the previous "Jul i Betlehem" albums.

  • Carola recorded two duet with Paul Potts for the album: "Oh Holy Night" and "Come All Ye Faithful". Which one (or perhaps both) will be on the album has not been announced.
Link: Pre-order the album from Ginza (Sweden)

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