March 5, 2009

What will Carola do next?

After the Scandinavian Christmas tour, and the documentary on Swedish Television in January, we haven't heard much from Carola. There are constantly rumors running around about what she will do next. Here are some of the latest:
  • Release a new pop album
    Status: Probably true. Universal Music has confirmed that Carola is recording new material right now, and she has recently said she wants to make a new pop album. Will the album be released in 2009? Probably, Carola usually doesn't take that long to finish her albums.

  • Write a self biography
    Status: Probably true. Numerous reports have said Carola spent significant time working on her book in 2008. Will the book be released in 2009? Who knows, we heard about this self-biography since 1994, and we are still waiting...

  • Shows in Gothenburg
    Status: Maybe. Rumors have said that Carola wants to put on a show on Rondo in Gothenburg which will reflect on her career and all the different genres of music she has performed over the years; pop/rock, schlager, gospels, and musicals. If it's really happening, or happening in Gothenburg is not clear as of yet.

  • Starting a school for new artists
    Status: True. Carola Camp will happen this Summer. Read this post to find out more.

Carola International will bring you the latest news as soon as it happens! It's good to be back! Please vote for which of these projects you look forward to the most in the poll in the column to the right.

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