March 7, 2009

Last year's Andra Chansen

Tonight is Andra Chansen (Where songs that didn't qualify to the finale get a 'Second Chance') in the Swedish Song Contest, and memories come back what happened last year.

In a duel between Johnson & Häggkvist and Nordman, 'Androla' was kicked out of the competition and the media in Sweden went into overdrive...

I found this interesting editorial by Markus Larsson in today's Aftonbladet:

Question is if this competition will ever get as exciting as when La Carola had to walk the plank last year. Her song 'One Love' was more than just a simple song. It felt like Carola had three minutes to save her career – and lost.
I know, this tv-show is just make-believe. But Carola's fiasco was sad to watch and experience. (...)
The whole thing became ever more surreal when we found out that Aftonbladet's server broke that night. The website was down for a few minutes – for the first time since it started. The amount of visitors became too massive after 'Androla' lost the vote.
To fully understand how bizarre this is you have to read it in perspective.
Aftonbladet's site did not crash during September 11. Nor after the tsunami.
(Translation by Carola International)

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