March 5, 2009

Carolapriset 2009

Photo: Rickard Eriksson

This years's Carola Award (Carolapriset) was given to singer Viola Grafström by Carola herself with these words:

"Viola is a singer that expresses herself in an emotional way. She challenges the listener with her expressive voice. When listening to Viola, I cannot help but think of the blessed singer Eva Cassidy. I heard Viola's blues/rock album 'Parachute of Dreams' five years ago. The album is recorded in the US by one of her inspirations; the producer Kevin Prosch. I was surprised when I realized she was Swedish, and her boldness made me curious about her. Viola is ready for any folk music or jazz stage anywhere in the world. Even at a more mature age, Viola is a flower with deeper scent than we are used to. My hope is to see her blossom on bigger stages, where I feel she has a given place."

(Translation by Carola International)

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