April 13, 2011

Listen to "My Sweet Lord"

On his 2xCD album "Friends Connection" (out on April 13), Peter Jezewski sings duets with a long line of Swedish artists: Björn Skifs, Louise Hoffsten, Mikael Rickfors, Pandora, Karin Wistrand, Jan Johansen, Tone Norum, among others.

Carola participates on the last track on the album—George Harrison's classic "My Sweet Lord".

Note! This is not really a duet, there are at least seven different singers performing on the track, and Carola's part is towards the end of the song. She sounds great though.

Another note! This version does not include George Harrison's full original lyrics, which contains many references to the Hindu deity Krishna (read original lyrics here).

Link: Buy the album from CDON

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