April 6, 2011

Christmas tour: Stjärnklart 2011

Carola will tour this Christmas as well, but not quite the way she's been doing it the last 10+ years. She will be one of the artists performing in the show "Stjärnklart 2011" that will have concerts in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, and Linköping in November and December.

The other artists are: Salem al Fakir, Orup, Shirley Clamp, Tommy Körberg, The Poodles, and Anders Berglund with orchestra.
29.11 Stockholm, SWE Stockholms Konserthus
30.11 Stockholm, SWE Stockholms Konserthus
1.12 Stockholm, SWE Stockholms Konserthus
2.12 Stockholm, SWE Stockholms Konserthus
3.12 Stockholm, SWE Stockholms Konserthus
6.12 Linköping, SWE Louis De Geer Hallen
7.12 Malmö, SWE Malmö Konserthus
8.12 Malmö, SWE Malmö Konserthus
9.12 Malmö, SWE Malmö Konserthus
10.12 Malmö, SWE Malmö Konserthus
15.12 Gothenburg, SWE Göteborgs Congress
16.12 Gothenburg, SWE Göteborgs Congress
17.12 Gothenburg, SWE Göteborgs Congress
I'll get back with ticket information shortly.

Link: Stjärnklart's official website (pre-order tickets)


  1. It seems that the Stjärnklart target group is not fans but rather larger companies celebrating together with their customers. Currently there are two VIP packages available at a cost from 1485 SEK + VAT. Not the standard christmas show we are used to... :-(

  2. Yes, you're right. They target companies who wants to give their employees a nice gift for Christmas. Maybe Carola will do a couple of Christmas concerts on her own as well. We'll find out soon...