October 19, 2010

Sweet Chariots' re-release includes "You+Me"

Sweet Chariots (Niclas Frisk & Andreas Mattson) have just released a remastered version of their 2000 album "Beat Based / Song Centered / Spirit Led" including five bonus tracks. One of those tracks is Carola's "You+Me" which the duo wrote for her. Sweet Chariots were supposed to write and produce a whole album for Carola in 2001, but she decided against the idea. When her 2001 pop album "My Show" was released, "You+Me" was the only song by Frisk/Mattson that had survived the cut, but rerecorded, sounding quite different than how Frisk/Mattson had intended it.

Could it be the original Frisk/Mattson version of "You+Me" that is included on this album? It might be, since that recording should be the property of the band. I think many fans would appreciate finally get a chance to hear what the collaboration sounded like.

Sadly, the bonus track is not included on the iTunes version of the album.

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