October 26, 2010

The DVD tracklist

"Carola sjunger Elvis & Barbra Streisand—en magisk kväll på Dalhalla" will be released in Sweden on November 17. This is the complete tracklist of the DVD:
1. C C Rider
2. Burning Love
3. Suspicious Minds
4. Love Me Tender
5. Blue Suede Shoes
6. Jailhouse Rock
7. You've Lost That Loving Feeling
8. Somewhere
9. Woman in Love
10. No More Tears (Enough is Enough)
11. Papa Can You Hear Me
12. Walking A Mile In My Shoes
13. Dixieland
14. C C Rider
15. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
16. Can't Help Falling in Love
17. If I Can Dream
18. Love Me Tender
19. Peace In The Valley
20. Put Your Hand In The Hand
21. In The Ghetto
22. Heartbreak Hotel
23. Are You Lonesome Tonight
24. People
25. Tomorrow
26. Evergreen
27. Send In The Clowns
28. What Kind Of Fool
29. The Way We Were
30. Papa Can You Hear Me
1. Backstage
2. Carola möter Elvis Fan Club
3. Publikintervjuer
4. Carolas syster
5. No more tears - intro
6. Orkesterpresentation
7. Carola tackar publiken
8. After dark
This info comes from CDON.com, and I cannot confirm that this is indeed the correct tracklist. It seems funny that some titles are repeated...


  1. Hmm...the order of the songs is wrong...and as you say, some are repeated, and some are missing. No, this can't be right. So many spelling mistakes as well (on their website, not here).

  2. They might have changed the order of the songs to mix them up between upbeat and ballad... I wouldn't like it, but they might have...
    No, I'm not so sure why this tracklisting seems so odd... I guess we'll know in a week or so.

    / Carola International