March 8, 2011

Exclusive: First impression of "Elvis Barbra & jag"

I have listened to clips from all the songs on the new album "Elvis Barbra & jag". Here's my reactions:
1. Suspicious Minds: The first single of the album, that you all probably heard by now. A very Motown version of one of Elvis' biggest hits. Carola sings wonderful.

2. In the Ghetto: A great, modern beat lays the background to this somewhat cheesy song. In the clip, Carola sings laid back rather than powerful.

3. Enough is Enough (No More Tears): The original of this song is a duet (Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer), so I expected Carola's version to be as well. But at least in the clip you hear no one else singing. 70's disco that makes you wanna dance.

4. Woman in Love: This sounds identical to the version that Carola performed on TV a couple of times in the Summer of 2010. A piano is keeping a constant beat to this Barbra Streisand classic.

5. Always On My Mind: A slow, quiet version of the song. It makes you wonder if towards the end, the song changes character and becomes more bombastic...

6. You've Lost That Loving Feeling: This too sounds very similar to the version Carola performed live last Summer.

7. Evergreen: My least favorite of the clips I heard. Sounds a little "sleepy" to me.

8. Watch Closely Now: Change of gear. This song is pure rock and Carola sings it with her most raspy voice.

9. Heartbreak Hotel: Carola's version sounds almost like blues. A slow version with a great men's choir backing up Carola.

10. Lead Me Guide Me: A gospel. And the only song on the album I never heard before...

11. Guilty: Just like "Enough is Enough", this song is a duet in original (Barbra and Barry Gibb), and Carola has mentioned that she will sing it with the guy who produced the album. But judging from this short clip, he is doing more back up vocals than a regular duet. I think this song is the closest to the original version.

12. The Way We Were: A very fragile version of the song. In the clip there's only Carola's voice and a piano. Sounds like a nice rendition.
I hope I'm wrong! But I don't get very excited about this album judging from these clips. It sounds a little too slow and "safe" for me. Many of the songs are performed in a slower, more low-key version than the original songs. Only a few has energy and a modern sound to them.

Again, I hope I'm wrong and will love the album once I hear it...


  1. Well I for one don't have very high hopes at all, as the idea of a cover album is a bit tired. Especially now that I heard WIL is the cheap Ace Of Bace version we heard last summer :/

  2. Hey Bliss,
    Thanks for reading/posting. I agree. I wish this cover album never would have happened, but now when she decided to dedicate time to this project, I hoped it would be a very organic, soulful, rock album... And actually I think the first single ("Suspicious Minds") was a step in the right direction. BUT... After listening to all these clips, I doubt this album will be any good... AGAIN—I hope I'm wrong!

  3. Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I was hoping she'd gone the rock route more, with more daring production and interesting arrangements. Woman In Love could've been great done in a totally different way, now it's a bit tacky. I'm especially scared of what No More Tears sounds like. When you do covers of VERY well known classics you should be very careful not to do it too similar to the original, or it'll be just karaoke. Carolaoke? ;)

    But I too hope to be proven wrong! I'm waiting eagerly for In The Ghetto and The Way We Were.