February 8, 2011

DVD: "Yohan—Barnevandrer"

The movie "Yohan–Barnevandrer" is now available on DVD and Bluray.

For you who don't know about this movie, Carola plays herself in a small part in this award-winning (Best Film, Stockholm Filmfestival Junior) Norwegian film. Here's some more information:
Title: Yohan—Barnevandreren
Director: Grete Salomonsen
Writer: Grete Salomonsen
Procution company: Penelope Films

Plot summary: With his family struggling to survive in late 1890s Norway and his father leaving on a ship for America to earn much needed money, 10-year-old Yohan devises some plans of his own to help his family. However, his jealous older brother has other ideas, and, unbeknown to their parents, he signs a contract with an agent for Yohan to become a farm laborer. Now consigned to being a child wanderer, Yohan is sent off to work on a faraway farm providing cheap labor. Yohan embarks on a long, rugged journey filled with danger, loneliness and feelings of abandonment. Along the way, he meets up with two other child wanderers, 8 year-old Anna and her younger brother. Together with other child wanderers and led by the menacing boy Aslak, the group makes its way on foot through the countryside with Yohan finally arriving at the farm where he is told to work. He becomes a shepherd boy, protecting the farmer's livestock from wolves and grizzly bears. His boss, Nome, is a harsh disciplinarian and a tough man to please. Following his heart and with good intentions, Yohan makes decisions that are misunderstood by local adults and are sabotaged by other envious children. Unjustly accused, he is punished and beaten by Nome. Events only get worse, with wild animals attacking Nome's herd on Yohan's watch and Yohan's discovery that his friend Anna and her brother have been beaten at a neighboring farm. Using his resourcefulness and ingenuity, a battered Yohan sets out to help his friend Anna and her brother escape from the farm owners.
Thanks to Peter Karlsson for the info!

Link: Buy the DVD from CDON

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