August 1, 2010

Putte i Parken

Photo: Max Mildh / Karlskoga Kuriren

Carola performed a shortened "Carola sings Elvis and Barbra Streisand" concert at the music festival "Putte i Parken" in Karlskoga on Saturday July 31. She was the only act that managed to draw an audience (there's been many news stories this summer about failing concerts and festivals all around Sweden). To reporters she revealed that she is planning to make a big show of this concept next year and that she has been writing tons of new song during the summer. Personally I would prefer a new pop/rock album than an album filled with Elvis/Barbra material... What do you guys think?

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  1. Maybe both? I think a Barbra/Elvis album has a better commercial potential and will make her a best selling artist again. I honestly believe an Elvis/Barbra album with Carola could be the best selling album, and the number one christmas gift, in Sweden this year - if they release it around the same time as TV4 airs the show. Then she can release a pop/rock album this spring and have a record breaking summer tour. ;-)

  2. I agree with Johnny. As I understand it, the material for a Elvis/Barbra album is more or less recorded already and it would be a shame if it should go down the drain - as the original recordings with Frisk/Mattson did.
    It is also a good opportunity to say "These are my roots",establish Carola as a mature voice and also point to a more grown-up kind of music ahead. The last pop album "Från nu till evighet" presented songs written for, as I felt it, a much less mature voice and a much less experienced singer. This was probably what was belived to be the wish of the audience but I don't think it was benificial to the artist. Remembering the fate of "One love", I believe from a commercial (and artistical) aspect it is a good thing to adjust the picture of the artist Carola starting with well-known hits.

  3. ...and I can see that even though she was one of the few artists who managed to fill the seats in Karlskoga, none of the large regional papers feels that it's necessary to review her concert. Hm.

  4. Maybe you're right that it's wise to establish Carola as a "mature" singer, but it could also send the signal that she is now merely a cover artist. :/ I don't know what is smarter, but I know what I would prefer to hear next from her.

    Thanks for your participation in the discussion!

    / Carola International

  5. Well, people have always seen her more as a celebrity and less as a singer, so maybe a cover artist is a step up? :-) I often hear people say "I can't understand how she can still be famous, she has only had two or three hits". Peter Jöback released a cover album that made him a best selling artist and soon after that he releasd an album with new material. I think it would be wise for Carola to do something like that.

  6. PS. I would personally prefer an album with new material, of course, but I think Carola as an artist needs to release this cover album. I think it's a good move, careerwise.