January 25, 2010

Coming releases

There are some Carola related releases coming up, some scheduled, some still not officially announced. Besides the charity single and the movie theme song that will probably be released as digital singles, these releases are happening soon:
ABSOLUTE SCHLAGER (Release date: February 3)
This 3xCD compilations includes Carola's three biggest hits from the Swedish Song Contest: "Främling" (1983), "Fångad av en stormvind" (1991), and "Evighet" (2006).

ORIGINAL ALBUM CLASSICS (Release date: March 24)
In December 2008, Sony BMG released "Carola Original Album Classics" that included five CD's: “Steg för steg“ (1984), “På egna ben“ (1984), “Much More“ (1990), “Personligt“ (1994), and “The Sound of Music“ (1995). In March the label releases another compilation with the same name, but only including three CD's. Which albums will be included has not yet been announced.

Carola's old label Rival has plans to release a live CD+DVD recorded during her gospel concert at Cirkus in Stockholm in 1994. The show has previously been aired on Swedish TV4, but this release would be a real treat for her fans. Let's hope this will released sooner rather than later.


  1. That was a great concert, even for us not religious fans, so it would be nice to have on the dvd shelf. I was actually there that night and then it's even more fun.

  2. I was there too! Maybe we were sitting next to one another?